Civil War Generals.

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During the civil war there were two major Generals from both sides. For the Union there was a man named General Ulysses S. Grant, and for the Confederate side it was General Robert E. Lee. Even though they were both from the United States they has extremely different ideas and tactics on how they thought they were going to win the war. On one hand General Grant thought that the best way to victory was the wear out General Lee and his troops, and to never retreat, and he did just that. Another strategy made by the north was to stop all imports to their enemy so they couldn't have a lot of ammunition or supplies. General Lee, however, wanted to conserve his troops and make sure that the little supplies he did have we not wasted.

They both utilized their own resources well. The north had more men and more rifles, so they made sure that they were used well.

The rifle gave a big advantage because you could easily reload and it made for quicker and bloodier combat. General Lee didn't have as many men nor supplies as the north, so he felt it beneficial to invade the north because his troops needed supplies and raw materials, and he felt that they were more accessible in the north. The troops were also starving and the north had many farms so they could eat.

If I were a soldier I would have much rather been under the command of General Robert E. Lee. He was an honorable man that had very good ideas, and given the resources and the man power he could have definitely won this war. General Grant didn't care about his troops and, since he would never retreat even if they were dying, didn't...