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Entry 1 August 1862 Dear Journal, Hi, my name is Bethany Sue Stanley. I live in the state of New York. My husband is in the Union army. His name is Bruce Micheal Stanley the third. I stay at home to take care of our three children. I have started this journal to remember everything that is happening to my husband.

I think that the war is awful, and I am totally against the slavery. It is so wrong for people to treat the black people like animals. That is why I support the north. My husband writes me letters every month. I received a letter from him yesterday. He mentions that, the war is escalating quickly and so far 37 battles have been fought this year. Also, they took part in the Battle of Shiloh, which they weren't prepared for. There was 1754 deaths in this battle.

8,408 were wounded.

Rumor has spread that Robert E. Lee became the commander of the Confederate troops in Virginia. In April of this year Georgia suffered its first attacks. General David Hunter first organized black troops. A Homestead Act was signed. Unfortunately the first federal tax has gone into action.

That was all that he mentioned in his letter to me. Everyday I half dread going to the mail box in fear of bad news. Its beginning to get dark so I should get the kids to bed.

Sincerely, Bethany Sue Stanley