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Civilization is the way of life that began by those who live in cities. Civilization comes from the word civis, which comes from Latin, and means citizen of a city. Civilization is characterized by everything that makes up the way of life in a city. This includes form of government, arts, customs, and technology. Civilization is similar to a culture except that civilization is more advanced and complex. Culture is "any way of life". Everyone has a culture but not everyone is in a civilization. The increase in agriculture and domestication of animals were major steps in civilization. This supported everyone in a small town. Trade was involved in which they exchanged grain, pottery, and various raw materials. Everything in the town was supported as much as possible to make life easier. This was what a civilization was.

Some of the first civilizations were in Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egypt had a good centralized rule or government.

Pharaohs or strong kings were in control of Egypt during the Middle Kingdom (2040-1786). This made a stable government and made cultural life and economics better. Trade was carried on between Egypt and Palestine, Syria, and Crete. Around 1800B.C. The strong kings began to weaken. The nobles began to gain some of the power. Egypt was invaded by the Hyksos, which were mixtures of the Semites and Indo-Europeans. They were not driven out until 1570B.C. Then a new and revived empire began. Egypt was not interested in the development of their civilization or the progress of it. They were mainly interested in the stable and long lasting terms of civilization. They wanted to keep it long lasting and permanent.

The Egyptians were smart people. Egyptians built pyramids to put the dead pharaohs in and painted the tombs and decorated them with gold and other...