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Alexander the Great:

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Genghis Khan:

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Alexander the Great is by many considered to be the greatest conqueror of all time given that he put together such a large army and conquered so much land in such a short time. However in the same amount of time, the campaign of Genghis Khan and the land that he acquired was so much more vast than that of Alexander¹s. And given that Genghis Khan started with no power and no army, the conquests of Alexander pale in comparison.

Alexander the Great


In 354 B.C., fifteen hundred years before the birth of Genghis Khan, Philip the Great of Macedonia had a son, Alexander. Before Alex was twenty years old, Philip, despite being taken prisoner at Thebes for three years, united the largest professional army that Macedonia had ever seen, improved his cavalry, and created a new type of military unit known as a phalanx.

During this same period, the corrupt city states of Greece were in a state of decline and Philip took advantage of their weakness by waging wars. Finally, at the battle of Chaeronaea in 338 B.C., Philip conquered the Greek army and Greece was joined to Macedonia under the rule of Philip. Shortly after, Philip was assassinated by one of his officers during a wedding.

Alexander was the heir to his father¹s empire and at 20 years of age found himself respected by Greeks and Macedonians alike. In 334 B.C., with an army of 35 000, Alexander set out to conquer Persia, the only major threat to the Balkan peninsula. Even though the Persian army outnumbered the Greek army five to one, it had inferior weapons...