The Civilized Society (utopia)

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The moral standards of a civilized society are based on the collective beliefs of the people who constitute the society. It is utterly unacceptable for a person to end another person's life. Life is considered to precious to lose from any means. Killing by negligence is viewed as immoral as well, deeming punishment in the form of prison time sometimes, even while the intent is not present. Sport utility vehicles, hence forth referred to as SUVs, are classified as "light trucks" by the United States National Transportation and Safety Board. Light trucks are defined by their weight. An SUV's weight is considered too different from normal automobiles that their own class of vehicle is deemed necessary. The features that increase danger from SUVs include, but are not limited to, stiff and rigid construction, increased mass, and height. The above listed items are of the greatest concern because they pose a threat to the safety of other drivers on the road.

A person buying anything should make an informed decision as to the best choice. In this society, the universal morality of not killing someone is not commonly associated with SUVs. However, there is a significant correlation between the two. Modern automobiles, not including SUVs, are designed with "crumple zones," which have the purpose of absorbing a significant amount of energy in a wreck. From a factual, scientific standpoint, when an SUV runs into an automobile, its stiffer construction does not allow for energy built up from a combination of the speed and mass of the involved vehicles to be distributed evenly. Instead, the brunt of the impact is directly transferred to the automobile whose construction is less stiff, increasing the risk of injury to the occupants of the vehicle with crumple zones. The occupants of the SUV...