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Martin Danielsen Written assignment - Clara's day d. 18/9/2013

Paderup gymnasium 1.k Summary and letter Week 38


Clara Tilling was fifteen years old, the morning she decided to give the whole school a turn, with a weird and unusual happening at the school assembly. Clara walked through the crowd of students and teachers, and they were all shocked, owing to the fact that she was actually naked. Clara had prepared this stunt. She had left her bra and pants, so she easily could take off her clothes and walk. Clara got patted on the back to get approved the whole morning, until it was a prefect who wanted to talk to Clara. Actually it wasn't even a prefect, it was the head. Clara were in the headmistress' office, wearing a science overall. They had a conversation about the happening. The head didn't think that Clara were the type of person thinking about being naked in public.

Neither did Clara. The head said that she would leave Clara's mother a note, so she did.

A morning Clara walked down the stairs in her house. Her mother and her boyfriend Stan were eating breakfast. The letter had arrived. The mother opened it and started to read. Afterwards Stan read it. They both said that Clara was a girl who'd never come up with this idea. They kept laughing.

Reply from Clara's mother to the head

Hello headmistress.

I honestly think that you are taking this way too serious. It's obviously a good thing, that Clara had courage enough to actually stand up in front of the whole school and ignore everybody else's opinions. Clara is clearly evolving and I personally think it's good for her. When Clara were younger she were locked in a shell and I never thought she...