Clarifications Regarding English

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Clarifications Regarding English While some people believe that the steps to success is to take the easy way out, which may be the faster way for some, it is clear that there is more to this. While they take the easy way, others take the harder way to which they believe is the better way. The four best ways to obtain a high grade towards your final mark are through meeting your expectations, needs, and by believing that your weakest abilities can also be your strongest strengths.

To reach a goal, there are many expectations that should be expected in this course. Some of which you should expect a lot of written work, for example an ISP, journals, essays or even sight work. All of this writing helps you to expand you thoughts and ideas at which you should understand that the higher level of work you work with, you should expect more responsibilities in order to reach that goal.

Although time is also important, you should use your time wisely and try to hand in and finish your work on time, by using your best efforts. Generally if you slack off, fall behind, and you don't meet these expectations, you will not meet that goal. To take on these expectations, there are some needs you may have from your teacher, as well as needs of your own.

What does the term to need something mean? Well according to the Collins Gem dictionary, to need is "to want, a requirement; necessity." To aim somewhere you may have your own requirements, needs. You may need time regarding homework, essays etc. You might require the teacher to help you with your work, if you don't understand something. But to obtain this, you must have needs of your own, your time regarding homework must be planned reasonably in order to finish your work on time and in the right order. If you have a problem you need to ask questions, and participate. Therefore if you want to meet your requirements you must respect your teachers needs and follow them, as you would do your own. When you bring about your work, you may notice some of your weaknesses that you aren't proud about, but by undertaking your needs and expectations, you can have the ability to change your weaknesses into your strengths.

By working hard, your weakest abilities can also be your strongest strengths. Some students' weaknesses may be essay writing, spelling and grammar, others can have personal weaknesses such as getting carried away in conversations while doing their work. Some may not like doing homework and others may take there weaknesses into action. If you believe that you're a weak essay writer, you seem to let it bother you and you tend to think and think until you find the best possible way to write for example, a paragraph. By putting all your work into that one paragraph, it can stress you out. That is why by working hard, you can change that.

If you work really hard and concentrate on your work you can make essay writing a little easier for you, you just need to combine your strengths, in other words you should use your imagination. By using your imagination you can expand your mind and put more thoughts into your work. If you have the ability to write, sort your ideas and pin pieces together, then you can strengthen your writing skills.

We all have our own opinions, but just as we are part of the problem, we can also be part of the solution. By trying your best to work towards your expectations, needs and by believing that if you really try hard to improve your weaknesses, you can achieve your goal.