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Character analysis Clarissa is a 5-year-old Amerindian. She has beautiful dark eyes, they said her tribe was Assiniboin. She has a woody-colored face and she braids her long and dark hair. When the narrator first saw her, she looked poor; she didn't have any money.

She is a dynamic character. In the beginning of the story, the narrator mentions that she seems to be all full up with anger and scaredness, at the end she was filled with dreams and motivation. In the introduction she was lonely and she didn't trust anybody and as the story flows, she becomes proud. She dreamed about horrible thing but then she dreamed to be a great dancer.

Clarissa is really a dramatized character. The narrator tells us that she's filled with anger and later on in the story; we learn that she tried to kill a cat. We know that she's filled with fear and she dreams about a man that tries to kill her with a knife.

We know that she likes dancing and she borrows some music, plays it with the tape recorder and starts dancing, when she watches Molly dance with interest.

She loves dancing; before she saw her very first show of dance, she didn't seem to care about life. However, now she has a dream; she wants to be a dancer. She dances for fun not for money or anything like that. When Clarissa saw Molly dance she was fixated on her; she couldn't stop looking at those fancy movements. She was really motivated in dance; the narrator said that he could see that fire that said to practice in her eyes.

Clarissa is plausible round character. This character could be a real life character; she has traits that are very frequent in adopted children. In this three pages and a half short story, we learn plenty of information about that 5 years old girl. We now know how she thinks, how she acts, what is her dream, what she loves to do, where she's from, with who she lives with and who helped her find what she likes to do! So that's a whole lot of information in a couple of pages. That's why Clarissa is a round character.