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The Washington Times March 26, 2004 "Clarke's contradictions" This article seems to show all of the faults with Mr. Clarke's assertions about the war in Iraq and the presidents priorities when it comes to the war on terrorism. The article reported that "under softball questioning from a Democratic member of the September 11 panel, former Rep. Tim Roemer, Mr. Clarke asserted that there was "no higher" priority than fighting terrorism under former President Clinton, but that the Bush administration "either didn't believe me that there was an urgent problem or was unprepared to act as though there were an urgent problem." The article seems to be in favor of the current presidential administration and want to show the inaccuracy in Mr. Clarke's opinions and testimony.

The New York Times March 26, 2004 "The Wrong War" by Robert Herbert. This article claims Mr. Clarke is consistently right on the facts.

Mr. Clarke claimed the President wanted a war with Iraq, he wrote in his book "Against All Enemies" that despite clear evidence the attack had been the work of Osama bin Laden and the Al Qaeda, that administration officials focused almost immediately on the object of their obsession, Iraq. Mr. Clarke told 60 minutes that "a war under these circumstances was comparable to President Roosevelt, after Pearl Harbor, deciding to go to war with Mexico instead of going to war with Japan." I have learned through this class that if want the whole story on anything to do with our nations leadership or the way the country is being ran you should read at least 2 different news papers a day and still hold on to your skepticisms.