The Clash of the Egos: A multi-author argumentative essay on Autos vs. bicyclists vs. pedestrians.

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Autos vs. bicyclists vs. pedestrians each think they own the road. Have you ever been in an accident involving an automobile, bicycle, or pedestrian?

The risk of getting into such an accident is higher in large cities for example, Seattle, where all types of transportation are utilized. Whenever I drive in the city, I've noticed a good portion of the cyclists have very poor manners when it comes to sharing the road with others such as automobiles. There has been so many times where I have been cut off, yelled at and even given the middle finger from someone on a bike because I don't drive exactly how they think I should. Letting a cyclist weave in and out of traffic with no signals expecting me to yield to them at all times is far from what I consider acceptable behavior.

While cyclists think they own the road, there's another breed of commuter out there called pedestrians. I don't know which one is worse for being arrogant when it comes to having the right of way. However, when I am walking in town I expect more from people on bikes and in cars because pedestrians do have the right of way (in most cases).

Just the other day I was in a heated debate with AJ about who has the right of way, autos or cyclists. Obviously it will be a never-ending battle no matter where you live. So here's AJ's side of autos vs. bicyclists vs. pedestrians.

Automobile operators are down right obnoxious! Always in a hurry commanding their right of way. Take for instance last summer when a man in a full sized pick-up truck was setting at a red light, only looking to his left, hit me on my bike while in the pedestrian cross...