Clash Of Generations

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Clash of Generations in Quebec In the short story "The Hockey Sweater" by Roch Carrier, a young boy participates in a hockey team and dreams of being the next Maurice Richard, along with nine other hopeful young boys. They have a proud team and are ready to take on any challengers. With the young boy's pride and superior feelings towards the English Canadians, a clash occurs with his mother who feels very inferior toward towards the English Canadians. These feelings lead to conflict between the two generations.

The mother does not have the pride in her self that her young promising boy does. She notices that her son's Montreal Canadians hockey sweater is very worn and she will need to purchase a new one. His mother must order it from Monsieur Eaton in English Canada. She writes ""¦in her gentle school teachers hand"¦" (Carrier, 91) making sure to be very polite, for she cannot fill out the order form provided.

The form is in English and she is unable to understand a word of it. This complication makes her feel very inferior towards Monsieur Eaton for she is unable to order items properly, and feels she must not make a mistake in her writing for he will think less of her. She does not feel the same way as her son does about Montreal.

Her son, the young hockey player, has great pride in him and the Montreal Canadians. He wears his jersey everywhere with a superior feeling. When he is on the rink playing against opposing teams, he tries to play just like Maurice Richard. "We would ask God to help us play as well as Maurice Richard" (Carrier, 91). Maurice was a memorable hockey player for the Montreal Canadians. All of the young boys wore...