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A class song is a memory that will stay with us long after we have graduated from high school. I think our class song should be one that lets others know how we feel as a class and possibly put words to some of our accomplishments and goals for the future.

I think the song "So Far Away" by Staind would make a good class song. It says in the song" I am not ashamed to be the person that I am today." Can you imagine what it is going to be like for us on graduation day? We can stand up and say that we are truly proud of the achievements we have made and the people we have become. The lyrics of the song will continue to remind us for the rest of our lives of the pride that we all take in ourselves for everything that we have overcome.

The tone of "So Far Away", along with the lyrics, reminds me of the personality of our class as a whole. The class of 2004 needs a song that represents the way that we are so laid-back. We aren't like those wild and crazy classes that precede and follow us, yet we definitely are not boring. We have our class clowns, our rebels, our athletes, and our incredibly intelligent students. We will be remembered as a class that didn't cause too much trouble, but we won't leave here forgotten. Choosing a song that is about partying hard, being a bunch of hicks in the country, or even about us being able to back our "thang" up, although those qualities may be in some of us, would be misrepresenting what we are all about. "So Far Away" seems to be the perfect song to represent us.

As little kids in elementary school and growing up to the mean teenagers in middle school, we have all dreamed about our graduation sometime or another. This song represents those dreams that we have all shared. Graduation has always seemed so far away for us and we thought the day would never come, but now we are here and it doesn't seem real. It feels like we are living in our childhood dreams and we don't want to wake up, but we realize that this is it. It is all unbelievably real. So as Staind sings to us "Now that we're here, it's so far away, and I feel like I can face the day." So let us all face the day and realize that this song, along with representing our personality, will also remind us of our childhood dreams to be the grown ups we are today.

Everything that we want to remember about ourselves and each other is represented by this song. Ten years down the road, if looking back on high school memories, I could honestly say that we made a good choice in choosing our class song if "So Far Away" is the one chosen. Thinking about the future and how you personally would want to be represented, plays a big role in deciding on which song you may choose to vote for. "And now that we're here, it's so far away and I feel like I can face the day, I can forgive and I'm not ashamed to be the person that I am today."