Classic Airlines Marketing Solution

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The airline industry is facing a challenging period with the increase of fuel and labor costs. Classic Airlines is planning to keep costs down by boosting consumer and confidence and satisfaction. By accomplishing this goal there will be a better understanding of customer feedback in addition to forecasting and marketing long term plans. Cost effectiveness is ways for customers differentiate other images from that of Classic Airlines while meeting the company's goal of growth and shareholders wealth.

The purpose of this paper is to provide an analysis of the Classic Airline's management decisions, methods and gain a leading edge in the aviation industry.

Identification of Issues and OpportunitiesAn uncontrolled market is influenced in many ways there for Classic Airlines is working on cutting cost through high passenger loads but, with high fuel costs raising the problem to find profitability is growing. The airline industry is still recovering from September 11, 2001 and expansions.

This time period has hit consumers hard with higher costs as spending on an individual discretionary travel has cutback. Classic sees this as an identification to cost cut opportunities so a positive return can be shown to investors.

Confidence is currently in jeopardy for Classic Airlines and the company has seen a declining with consumers in both member flights and rewards. The executive team at this time is concerned with the numbers decreasing rather than the cause of the numbers to be dropped. The executives will need to look at how to improve the customer confidence and brand loyalty to the airline industry. Marketing is going to be important plus a key factor to focus on with customers, but the only way to determine the customers' thoughts is by accessing the recent data base from Classic Airlines as this would allow and develop a solid customer base.