Classification essay about restaurants

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Classification Essay

Topic : Restaurants

Name : Bahbah Hamza

Course : Academic Writing II

Professor : Jade Tahtah

Restaurants are found wherever people go in the world. There are millions different types of restaurants influenced by culture, size facility, and specific food supplies. Today, most people are living stressful and busy lives. Some people have or travel all the time because of their work; some people just eat fast-food instead of healthier food because they do no want to spend too much or they are too busy to have regular food; some people want to spend their meals in downtown restaurants, because there are more choices and more convenient transportation in downtown; some people demand luxury or stylish restaurants because they want to experience the best life qualities. Whatever the reason, there are three groups of restaurants that can be classified based on location.

Airport restaurants supply food to the air travelers. Because of millions of travelers are waiting for their flights at airports everyday, airport restaurants have became more and more popular. Travelers could enjoy their meals while waiting for their flights in these restaurants. Most airport restaurants have large eating areas and clean environments for travelers, but with limited services, because most airport restaurants are self-service, which means customers have to clean their table after they finished their meals. According to most travelers have a limited amount of time for their meals, many fast-food restaurants like Burger King, KFC and MCdonald's become the most popular airport restaurants in the world, which provide tasty fast-food to travelers.

Downtown restaurants supply tasty and diversity types of food to urban residents. Most downtown restaurants focus their target on urban business people, and travelers in the city, because of their special locations, which near large offices, entertainments, and shopping areas. There are...