The classification of a humans emotions: happiness, sadness,

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Emotional Breakdown

Ciera L. Wardlow

November 1st, 2003

period 3

What makes the human race so spectacular is its' ability to express; thoughts, feelings, and emotions. There are many ways to express oneself and the most prenominate form is communication, but your emotional reaction to life is just as vital. The four basic emotions that a person will feel in his or her life time consist of, happiness, sadness, fear, and anger. Most people will explore every part of these emotions within themselves while, others will struggle to understand them. Emotions are a reaction to a persons environment as well as an expressive response to how you feel in your inner-self. A human beings personality derives from their emotions even if an individual tries to suppress their emotional feelings.

Emotions are the key to a human beings mental fulfilment. The emotion that is the most important to a human beings personality is happiness because it's a feeling of great pleasure.

A person should absorb more happy occasion than any other, because if a person never lets themselves be happy ,then he or she will be quite a miserable individual. Happiness is a response to something good that happens and affects you. Although, life can give you lemons sometimes you can still be happy, because it depends on you and how you can control your own emotional status. Happiness is an illuminating feeling that brings smiles and laughter. There are many different types of emotional reactions that would qualify as a happy emotional experience. While, most human beings will experience every emotion at least once, happiness is the emotion or feeling we should try to experience all the time. For happiness is the best feeling one will ever experience.

While, happiness is the best emotion to have, sadness is the...