Classification of Operating Systems

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Classification of Operating Systems

This essay was one of my favorites to write, simply because it was on a topic that I

thoroughly enjoy. I found this essay easy to write because I am very educated on the topic.

However; I was a little lazy doing it, which is why this is the essay I chose to edit. I feel like it

could have been done much better than I turned it in. I made a lot of edits with sentence

structure and word choice, and I am happy with the final draft.

Operating systems are the backbone for your computer. Without them, we would be

lost within snippets of code. Basically, your computer would just be a box, serving a

purpose for only the most advanced users. Yet, there are many different types of operating

systems you can choose from. The most popular are Windows 7, MacOS, Linux, and

Windows 8.

Up first is Windows 7, which I am sure many of you are familiar with. To start off,

Windows really isn't that expensive. Windows goes for around $100, which is a fair price

for an operating system. Also, there is an incredibly wide range of applications available

for Windows. Infact, and a majority of programs are created for Windows. It's compatibility

is very large and generic. Finally, there are a lot of security holes in Windows. There's

always a chance you're going to get a virus if you run Windows, but if you are experienced

with computers, a virus can only do so much damage. If you aren't, Windows notoriously

horrible tech support is always there to help you. All in all, Windows 7 is a great operating

system, with a broad range of applications, but does have its downfalls.

Secondly, we have MacOS. For starters,