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For centuries males have often wondered the same question that for most women have an obvious answer, yet it is something that many men do not fully understand: "Why do women have so many pairs of shoes?" This subject can often be found as the brunt of jokes or even the root of large arguments between spouses. Although greatly misunderstood, the numerous array of shoes has a purpose, and every pair is meaningful.

One of the most misunderstood of all shoe styles is the lady's high heel. The shoe, although often associated with the "playboy" type women, is a very elegant and appropriate shoe. High heels show off a woman's feminine side quickly. Despite the feminine side of heels, they can be quite painful and somewhat a hassle when the heel proceeds to break while walking amongst a crowd; but it is all worth it when a woman feels the power that comes with her heels.

High heels are a must for any occassion, such as weddings, dates, or anywhere she may want to impress someone.

Boots are usually thought of as the army-style kind, but have been re-vamped with a feminine twist by adding different details. The most noticeable feature of this style of footwear is the shape of the toe. Since the rest of the shoe is not ordinarily seen the toe's shape is essential to her outfit. Another detail that makes the boot unique is height of the heel. It ranges from a sexy stiletto to a graceful flat. Boots are versatile, and can go with a skirt, blue jeans, and dress pants, just to name a few.

"Even ladies with awful legs, like huge columns, they get very masked by the boot. The best idea for covering up terrible mistakes of nature is the boot."...