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Social class in America is a subject which always has and always will continue to affect our daily lives. The video "People like us: Social Class in America" offered several depictions of class in the U.S.. The video's depictions ranged in accuracy in terms of its definition of social classes. However the video itself caused me to realize the great affect social class has on my life as well as the lives of those around me. Classism in the United States is a very big, yet silent prejudice that is continually causing many problems in our society.

I have always been affected by the evils of classism in my life. The most brilliant example this, is public schooling. The public school system, especially here in White Plains, provides a mock "real world" in my eyes. Because White Plains' schooling is so diverse, it is the perfect habitat for viewing how various classes interact with each other.

Some of the observations I've made during my years as a pupil in this wonderful, equal opportunity, educational system are as follows: The more well off students always get off. Because of their much concerned and well-to-do parents the worst kid could do the worst thing and always get away with it. However, I find it very interesting that a ragged, dirt smudged Hispanic boy can do that very same thing and end up having to get sent home; causing his mother to take off of her twelve hour minimum wage job to stay at home with him. All the while not knowing what is going on because of the simple fact that she couldn't speak English. Thank god for mom's and dad's . . . . money and image.

Another issue that greatly affected my life was how class determined social circles.