Classroom Discipline

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Angela Justus Dr. Crockett Teaching of Composition Classroom Discipline What is classroom discipline and how does one promote good discipline in their classroom? Clasroom discipline is a method used to control your classroom. If there is no control in your classroom, the students will never learn anything; and you will never accomplish your objectives for the day.

A teacher can assert discipline into his or her classroom in many ways but must be careful that he or she does not promote discipline in a negative manner by yelling, mimicking the student or making comparisons between students. By promoting negative discipline the teacher is leading the students to think, "Wow, we can break the rules and not get punished." Also, the teacher should not want the students to get the idea that they rule the classroom by promoting negative discipline. A teacher promoting negative discipline is going to have trouble if something is done to hurt a student or cause the other students to talk about a student.

If a teacher wants to maintain the classroom, he or she must demonstrate positive discipline. Students will be eager to learn if the discipline is asserted in the right way. If a teacher follows the rules and guidelines he or she sets forth, his or her students should be eager to learn.

If a teacher wants to maintain a positive classroom and promote good discipline, he or she should make clear the rules students are to adhere and inform them punishments will be envoked if they do not follow the rules. Teachers should tell students that each time a rule is obeyed, he or she has been given the chance to say and do what he or she needs to do and he or she will reward them for demonstrating courtesy to...