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Continual concerns with classroom management can be emotionally draining for teachers.

What might be some effective ways of acknowledging and dealing with this sort of stress? Teachers stress can be managed through group support, support from other teachers, the head teachers and principal, especially with those teachers experiencing similar problems. Teachers should not be emotionally involved with their work, they should keep a professional distance from their classroom management problems. Students often target teachers with negative energy which may lead to stress. ""�When you encounter sarcasm, hostility and rudeness, remember that 90% of the time the proper target for that negative energy is not you; you happen to be a convenient target and you are not the proper target. Strategy: Think of the negative energy projected towards you as a misdirected arrow. Merely let it miss you"� (James Quina 1989 pg 357) In other words don't take insults or negative comments from students personally.

Teachers shouldn't take their classroom management problems home with them because this will exacerbate the problem. It is important that the teacher acknowledge that he / she is not the only person working under stress, that it is a problem for every teacher. Teachers dealing with intense stress of classroom management should seek to change some routine, for example, changing activities with the class, go on excursions, library visits, watching relevant films and videos in class time. "There are many ways of controlling stress so that it is shaped into a positive force: creating a pleasant physical environment, using music, humor, and contextual shifts and maintaining good health habits, such as proper diet and rest, deep breathing, visualization, massage, sauna and exercise"� (James Quina, pg 366, 1989) I would add to that list mediation and prayer .

6) If students continue to treat others with disrespect...