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One of the biggest concerns that first year teachers have is how are they going to be able to control the classroom. Teachers need to be able to successful establish a good model of discipline for their classroom; otherwise they will not be able to effectively transfer their knowledge to the students. If a teacher does not spend enough time on discipline then the class might become out of control, on the other side if a teacher spends too much time on discipline then the class may not misbehave as much and there is barely any time left for actual teaching. This is why we as teachers need to find the right balance of discipline in order to effectively teach the class; otherwise we just become another babysitter to them during the day.

Our biggest fear as first year teachers is not that we will not know the material to teach our students, but whether or not we will be able to control our classrooms so that we have the chance to successfully teach them.

Most every first year teacher that I have talked to, and even some older, more experienced teachers, has said that the hardest thing for them to deal with was classroom management. How to handle the classroom discipline and time management are key components to having a good learning environment.

The first step to having a successful classroom management plan is to define what misbehaving actually is. Each teacher can have a different definition of what misbehaving actually is. Some teachers may think that speaking out of turn may be misbehaving while others will actually encourage it. So it is important for us as teachers to clearly define what misbehaving is to our students, that way there is no confusion as to what we...