Classroom Stuffing.

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Classroom Stuffing

It was the first day of class and students are ready to start a new year. As you walk into the next period, you see new faces, but you find yourself to have no place to sit. All the seats were filled in every part of the classroom. On top of that, the teacher had assigned all the books with none to spare. As you sit on the floor like a child, you hear all the commotion around you, and ask to yourself, is high school becoming to big for me to handle or are the number of students too big for this high school? In today's public schools, overcrowding has become a bigger problem than ever, across America. We may not see the effects of overcrowded classes now, but these students will becomes the working citizens. Overcrowded classes will have a toll on the economy. Classes have strayed far the ideal class size in high school.

Just trying to find space for individual students is more of a concern. Educational studies by the Eric Clearinghouse said the ideal teacher to student ratio should be fifteen to twenty students per teacher (ERIC). Most public schools in America are not even close to those standards. The main source of this problem has been directed to the lack of funds schools are receiving. The class size has risen as the population has grown in the United States. We cannot turn away students from receiving an education that would be contradicting everything high schools stand for. We have to turn our attention toward main cause of the situation, funds. In Chicago alone more than three billion dollars is needed for expansion of overcrowded schools (ERIC). Not just big city areas are feeling the effects of overcrowding due to the lack...