Clay As A Metaphor For Life

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Clay as a Metaphor for Life Clay is a very versatile thing much like our lives. Our lives keep on changing much like clay does. As we go through the process of creating something as simple as a pinch-pot we have to mold and refine it. Working with clay is a great creating process for me. I get to control the clay and help make it what I want it to be. In life I get to control my fate in the same sort of way and make sure that it is going to turn out the way I want it to.

When I get a piece of clay and am asked to make something out of it I do not just jump right in, I think about it and plan it out. In life if I am given a choice, I have to decide which choice will be more beneficial for me, before I actually make a decision.

With clay I try to plan what I want to do with it and make it. It took me a while to gain control over the clay and have it turn out like I wanted it to turn out. Much like when we are little, our Parents do not give us much control over our own lives because they know that we ca not handle it yet, but as you grow we gain more and more control over your own life.

Every time I get a piece of clay I always work very hard to make it perfect. I mold it to the shape that I want it to be and then try and smooth out all the imperfections to make it as perfect as I can. The same goes with life too. We all have this idea of what the...