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In an article entitled: Man who hands out clean needles in San Antonio threatened with jail time the author, Miguel Bustillo argues that, “Needle-exchange programs have been controversial.” Critics claim that they encourage drug use and send a bad message about the government’s war on drugs. Although, some studies have questioned needle-exchange effectiveness, most research has found that the programs reduce transmission of diseases and save money.

As Needle Exchange Programs are supposedly a safe process for drug users, I believe it will increase the amount of drug users and populate more HIV positives. In the article titled: A Case for Clean-Needle the author, Breat Whitteker states that, “Some have expressed a concerned that clean-needle programs increase drug use.” If women saw an ad for free makeup at a local store, wouldn’t they take full advantage? That is the same with drug users receiving needles for free. They will just keep coming back and forth for new needles but instead causing a mess by spreading the needles with others.

This program will encourage new addicts, to keep it more because mentally it is a safer way of taking the drug. It is not safer because it is hurting them even more.

Reporting the addicts about free clean needles is engaging their mine to keep doing what they love to do. In the article titled: A Case for Clean-Needle the author, Breat Whitteker states that, “Some who oppose clean-needle programs say they are concerned that when we give out sterile needles, we are giving out a double message.” I agree, giving out sterile needles to addicts is giving out a double message. A message stating that it is ok to inject. After the first injection they won’t have the time to clean it or to discard in the trashcan. Instead, they will share the wealth amongst their drug buddies. With the certain high that are experiencing they will not travel back to the trailer they received the clean needles from, but instead to keep re-using it.

Finally, is a statistical argument that was researched of all the San Diegan supporters of the Clean Needle Program. In the article entitled: A Case for Clean-Needle the author, Breat Whitteker statistically added, “A scientific survey of 1,000 residents of San Diego County last August found even greater support here, with over 85 percent of county residents favoring clean-needle programs as a way of slowing the spread of HIV.” The resident’s being studied probably never experienced on what drug addicts go through. Of course they will support the controversy because they are being sucked in the hole of belief. Not thinking about the consequences of giving out free needles to drug addicts that will make the situation worse. They can make the situation worse by offering new addicts to try it out even more because it’s a clean needle and it’s a better way of taking the drug.

In conclusion I have pointed out my view in the controversy of the Clean Needle Program. I have explained the why it will increase the drug use, the messages the send out to all drug addicts and to the public, and a statistical argument that I disagreed. With the research I have done, I feel that in the long run the process will be abused. Drug users will find a way around the program by taking advantage of what they will receive for free. Drug users are making this choice themselves and I think it would be best to let them suffer the consequences. So next time they try offering a program to help the drug addicts, I say we should just let them suffer.

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