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Clear Hello my name is Jane Forbes but everyone calls me clear. I have no clue why they call me that but now I am used to it because my parents and my little brother Gordon call me that all the time. They won't tell me why but I have to find out. One day I was watering my plants and all of a sudden a heard someone whistling a happy tune, but I thought it was dumb. That person came running up to me and said, "hi I am Penny Fames what's your name ". I was thinking in my head shut up but I didn't want to be rude so I said " Jane". She said "cool my great grandmothers name is Jane but everyone calls her clear for some old reason". Oh and I shrieked and ran home nervously. I called mom!! Come here why do u call me clear! I need to know right now please tell me! My mom said "˜settle down and then I will tell u why ".

So I said ok fine and I sat down and said now tell me? Ok well because your great grandmother who lives in North Dakota is called that and so we wanted u to be called that also. But then my mom said also "her name is "Jane". Because your great grandmother said every girl that is named Jane should be called clear but only that is related to us". I said "oh my gosh I met a girl today named Penny Fames and she has a great grandmother named Jane and she told me that they call her clear ". My mom said, "I have a sister named Clara fames ". She said he has a daughter named Penny. Does that mean that she is my cousin? My mom said" yes ". The next morning I saw her walking towards my house so I came outside and said does your great grandmother live in North Dakota? She said how did u know? I said well we are cousins because they call me clear too. Her skinny boned hands went high up and she said yeah! We became best friends the end.