Clearly deconstruct and summarise the arguments made within a given academic text,

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Provide a detailed analysis of one of the readings discussed as part of the module.

Clearly deconstruct and summarise the arguments made within a given academic text,

Describe and assess the logical structure of the main argument provided in the text,

Evaluate the arguments in the light of other academic and empirical sources.

Angela Schneider and Robert Butcher's article "A Philosophical Overview of the Arguments on Banning Doping in Sport (2000)" in Torbjörn Tännsjö and Claudio Tamburrini's "Values in Sport" concentrates on a consideration of the arguments against doping in sport. Schneider and Butcher attempt to impose the belief that the ban on doping in sport is justified to a certain extent; however it should be a bottom-up approach which is driven by nobody other than the competent athletes themselves. Butcher and Schneider's belief emits some ambiguity due to each of their arguments given in support of the ban being insufficient in their own right to justify a ban.

Schneider and Butcher incorporate both moral arguments against doping, such as cheating and unfairness and harm: to the user, to other clean athletes, to society and to the sports community; and metaphysical arguments including the perversion of sport and its spirit and the unnaturalness and dehumanisation of doping. Despite all of the limitations to these arguments, a ban on doping is justified because athletes should not want to dope.

There are other important aspects to the true nature of sport other than the 'winning' factor, which support the view that athletes should not want to dope; for instance, social inclusion and gender equality and most importantly the enjoyment of the sport. Schneider and Butcher argue that doping is somewhat irrelevant to sport "if this joy is the primary reason for participation in sport" (Schneider and Butcher, 2000, 197). In addition, due...