Clermont Musician's Club Constitution and Bylaws

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Article I

Said club will be known as the Clermont Musician's Club.

Article II

The purpose of the Clermont Musician's Club is to provide a forum for students at Clermont College who adore music; musicians and fans of music, alike. The Clermont Musician's Club strives to create a new vivacity on campus through their musical talents.

Article III

Offices of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer must be separate offices, although others may be added.

Each officer must be a voting member in good standing with the College (2.00 GPA).

Failure to remain in good academic standing (2.00 GPA) will result in that officer's replacement.

Article IV

The organization must have a College Advisor.

The College Advisor selected must be a full-time College staff, faculty, or administrator.

Article V

All amendments to the constitution will require a 2/3 affirmative vote of all voting members. Amendment voting may be delayed by one week, at the discretion of the Vice-President.


Section 1. Officers.

President is the Executive officer, presides over all meetings of the organization and Executive Board.

Vice President presides in the President's absence for all meetings and is assigned duties by the President.

Treasurer collects, receives, and deposits all funds paid to the organization.

Treasurer keeps account and books which must be open to inspection by other officers and the Coordinator of Student Life.

Section 2. Elections.

Elections will be held at the second meeting of each quarter or as needed.

Officers are elected by majority vote of voting members and take office following their election.

A quorum (one more than half of all voting members) must be present for the election.

Section 3. Advisor.

The College Advisor will serve to advise the officers and members of the club as needed.

The College Advisor will be chosen by...