Client Recommendation Paper. Retain, Refer or Release

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Client Recommendation Paper: Retain, Refer or Release

Certain situations will arise in the Human Service profession and management must take action. Some situations may be hard to make a decision on but others may not. Many of the decisions that managers will make will be based on the Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics is based on core values that Human Service professionals should possess in the work field (NASW, 2008). In the end, it is up to the Human Service workers and managers to provide appropriate standards for the clientele.


The first situation that is going to be discussed is about Tommy James Martin. Tommy Martin is a 14 year old boy who has been with the agency for about 1 year. Currently Tommy Martin is experiencing many issues that are possibly rooted from the lack of work and wages he is receiving. Tommy Martin is a substance abuse counselor who may be having some issues of his own.

As his manager, I must make a decision that works for him and for our agency.

No complaints have been made about the counseling that Mr. Thompson provides. He is obviously a hard working individual and is loyal to our agency. Issues that are apparent right now are the lack of money that is affecting Mr. Thompson's home life and putting strain on his career. Mr. Thompson may have a slight issue with depression and it must be addressed at once. After that issue is addressed, I believe he should receive a monthly evaluation to check on his progress with overcoming the depression. In effort to help Mr. Thompson, I recommend reinforcement. Mr. Thompson can expect an increase in responsibilities and in time an increase in his wages as well. Mr. Thompson's dedication to the agency is...