Client/Server Process, and Client/Server Security

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Accessing a web page on the Internet is an outstanding example of the client/server process hard at work. "The client/server model is type of distributed computing where one program, which will be the client program, communicates with another program, the server program, for the purpose of exchanging information." (Morgan, 2004) The client and the server each have their own responsibilities in order for this process to work, and for the information to be translated and displayed for the user. The following table will explain the different responsibilities of both the client and the server, and then we will look at how they work together.

Client's FunctionsServer's FunctionsHandle the user interfaceWait for a client to request informationTranslate the user's requests into a language understood by the serverProcess the client's requestSend requests to the serverReturn the results of the request of the clientWait for the server to respondTranslate server's response so it can be understood by the userPresent the results to the userThe client/server process is a lot like ordering a pizza.

First you have to call the pizza place, and speak with an associate who can submit your request. Next, your order is sent to kitchen, where the pizza is made. After your pizza is cooked, it is packaged up and given to a delivery driver. The driver brings the pizza to your house where it is then presented to you for your super delicious enjoyment! The client/server process is very similar, except it doesn't taste as good. The client sends a package to the server requesting some sort of information, then the server process this package, retrieves the information, bundles it up, and sends it back to the client. This is repeated as many times as necessary to complete the request.

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