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Cliff Robinson Teenage delinquent Cliff Robinson is your common teenager of a town called Peabody; or maybe not. He may look like a common teenager but he is more than meets the eye. He is a dark well built man who is a little on the heavy side. He is loud and always makes his points heard. Cliff walks with his chin up, flailing arms, and long wide strides. You could say he was a football player, but never had the motivation to be on the team. His greatest interests are flying and cars. He yearns the loud rumble of the combustion engine, and the thrust of horsepower.

Cliff was the only child to a Portuguese family, in the great portugue section of Peabody. He was an energetic youngster who's middle name was trouble. Anything he could do he did do. He would always get him self in to mischief.

Cliff would hang out with the neihborhood kids, who weren't much better than he was.

When Cliff was young he was friend with a boy named Tony. Tony had a go-Cart that was completely "hack-up", or in other words amateurly built to get the most power out of it. One afternoon they decided to take the go-Cart for a spin; and of course the place they would go would be the local cemetery. This would be there typical afternoon, but this afternoon would be different. Cliff and Tony were crazy. They would zoom full speed in the cemetery. They were speeding down the trail and suddenly Cliff lost control and the go-cart was on a head on course into a tree. Luckily Cliff survived the collison to go on and perform more mischief.

Another incident our friend Cliff ran into was an experience with radio controlled airplanes. Cliff was a little bit older now, about 15. We had just finished building a radio controlled, gas powered airplane. This plane was huge it had a 60" wingspan and was as loud as a lawnmower with out a muffler. Technically we were supposed to fly the airplane in a large open field but Cliff decided to take it for a spin down his street. He started at the beginning of the street. He began to apply power to the airplane. It began to roll and pick up speed very quickly. Cliff pulled back on the control and the airplane lifted off the ground. What Cliff didn't realize was that there was a tree right ahead of him. Of course our friend Cliff flew it right into the tree. The airplane was lodged in the tree without power. We all looked up and said "What are we going to do now?". All of a sudden the plane came crashing down and exploded into multiple pieces.

Cliff is dangerous to society, and is still