Climate change

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Climate change is something the world has always endured. The reason of concern is, at present the world is seeing radical changes that are not just natural occurring changes but mans activities is beginning to have a vast influence on climate change.


To easily understand the causes of climate change it is required to look at natural occurring and mans input as two different categories.


Continental Drift is the slow progress of continents drifting or moving. Scientists use this to explain the history of the worlds continent positioning. It is believed that at one time the Earth consisted of only one land mass. Continental drifting has an impact on particular countries climate due to the change in physical features. These may include;

The depth of the sea being altered. As the continent moves the water is pushed to either side and can ultimately result in rising water levels.

The separation of the landmasses changes the flow of ocean currents and winds which has an effect on the climate.

Continental drifting is a lengthy process. The amount of movement per year is only a few centimeters. This phenomenon is still occurring today with the Himalayan Rang rising by one millimeter per year due to the movement of India's land mass.

Volcanoes can effect climate change due to the huge amounts of chemicals being emitted into atmosphere. When a volcano erupts it releases huge amounts of sulphur dioxide (SO2), water vapour, dust, and ash. The sudden explosion can affect the climate for 2-3 years even thought the explosion may only last a few days. This is mainly due to the products of the explosion being transports around the Earth by the winds in the stratosphere much faster than these winds usually move. The gases and dust particles are able...