Climate Change

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Climate Change Effects

Climate changes are often viewed globally. However, what some may not realize is that the effects are currently taking place around them. Each day the earth changes, mostly because of climate and weather. Each region of this earth is affected day to day, differently, but collectively. This also does not only affect the earth, but the people, plants, and animals that inhabit its land and oceans as well.

The biggest impact climate changes may have on this earth is our water systems. The temperature is responsible for precipitation and moisture held in the atmosphere, which in turn controls the other elements of the earth. A warmer climate, will contribute to the increase of circulation of precipitation on the earth. The increase in moisture of the atmosphere is prominent in the Northeast, Midwest, and Alaskan regions. In addition, colder climates also affect the water systems. Snowfall, and like precipitation, has increased drastically.

This is found mostly in the northern parts of the US, most commonly around the great lakes region. Cold air moving around warm air, over open lakes, instigates high evaporation, often causing heavy amounts of precipitation. Ultimately climate controls our water systems.

Climate effects also have an impact on the earth's agriculture. Plants often react, and interact, with the amounts of carbon dioxide in the earth's air and atmosphere. However, warmer air and lower carbon dioxide levels effect growth negatively. Dramatic fluctuations in precipitation often lessen the positive growth of crops, because of excess of deficits in water. Furthermore, climate can- and most likely will- stress plants out. This causes a drop in yields of crops, and the increase of attention a crop may need to properly grow.

Along with plants and crops, livestock is also affected. Animals like pigs and cows are warm blooded and...