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The gods and goddesses described by Homer are extreme personifications of specific ideas that are common to the time era. These entities were feared by all the mortals and were used to explain phenomena that could not be justified with their scientific reasoning. They were depicted in human form, each with a beautiful body. For example, Zeus was the god of thunder among the king of the gods and the father to most of the other gods and goddesses, and he had a perfectly sculpted body. (picture of Zeus) Weather patterns, prosperous crops, death, birth, love, causes and results of war, sickness, health, and the heavens were some of the traits given to the major gods in Homeric mythology. Blah, blah, blah, and blah were some traits of the minor gods. In other words, the things that were most important to the people of that world in *** before the Common Era were given to the gods as traits.

The gods of today, however, would not be used for an explanation of crops, weather, or the heavens. In the year 2002 Anno Domini in the corporate United States of America, people need an explanation for the stock market. We need some help understanding funds; personal and business. We need a god of money to worship and give sacrifices of small businesses to for success of our own wants and needs. This, the god of money, would be the king of all the other gods because money begets all things in an economical society such as the United States. The goddess of greed would be a sibling of the god of money; for greed is a reason why money is so powerful. Like Zeus and Hera they will be wedded because Greed is so powerful in life, but not quite...