The Clinton Presidency

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The Clinton Presidency In Jaob Weisberg's article "The Governor President Bill Clinton" he describes the influence that the Clinton presidency had on America. Weisberg says that Clinton changed the nature of American Government, and he did this in many ways.

The best example on how Clinton changed the nature of American Government is the Lewinsky scandal. The Lewinsky scandal along with Clinton's other mistakes showed America that he was just a normal guy who happened to be President. Even with all the power he had he showed that he thought of himself as no better than anyone else. For the first time in a long while America had a President that could identify with regular people. All of the problems that Clinton experienced during hid presidency showed how good of a president he was. As a result of the Lewinsky scandal, the people of America now understood that presidents have private lives too, which before the people never understood.

The Lewinsky scandal greatly helped to influence the nature of American Government.

Clinton also changed the nature of American Government by influencing American morality. While he was president many unacceptable things became acceptable. " Since Clinton has been president, homosexuality has gained public acceptance, legal gambling has swept the country, pornography has become ubiquitous, and vice has been redefined as disease. Meanwhile the public has become unshockable about sex and unconcerned about Presidential adultery. These changes imply that traditional morality has receded."stated Weisberg. As one can see, Clinton influenced American morality.

Another way that Clinton changed the nature of American Government is showing that he cared more about winning an election than principles. Many people objected to Clinton's'actions while he was president, but most politicians disliked the fact that he cared more about winning than taking care of...