Clinton's Winning Strategy In the 1992 Election. What was the strategy adopted by James Carville?

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Clinton's Winning Strategy In the 1992 Election

In 1992 the Democratic candidate for President was Bill Clinton. Clinton had very little political experience compared to George Bush, the Republican candidate running for his second presidential term, however Clinton won over Bush. Bill Clinton won the presidential election of 1992 because he stressed the United States economic issues, favoring the middle class Americans using the slogan "It's the Economy, Stupid."

President Clinton participated in student government in high school, received a BA in International Affairs from Georgetown University, received a law degree from Yale, went to Oxford on a Rhode Scholarship, taught law at the University of Arkansas, and was elected Governor of Arkansas in 1978 then was governor again from 1982-88. His opposing candidate George Bush, coming from a family that was highly involved in politics, had a tremendous amount of experience. Bush was the youngest pilot in the Navy during World War II, graduated from Yale University, worked in the oil industry of Texas, served 2 terms as Representative to Congress from Texas, and he ran twice for Senate and succeeded.

Then he was appointed to quite a few different high-level positions such as the Ambassador to the U.N., Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Chief of the U.S. Liaison office in the Peoples Republic of China, and the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Bush began his term of Vice President in 1980 and then he was elected U.S. President in 1988.

There were many attacks made against Clinton in this election by the media and the Bush campaign. The sex scandal attack made on him by Jennifer Flowers and the accusations of his un-loyalty to his wife with several other women had a lot of people questioning his ability to serve as the U.S. President.