A Clock Work Orange

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Alex DeLarge(Malcolm McDowell) is a hoodlum in not-to-distant future London. As the tagline says, "his principle interests are rape, ultraviolence and Beethoven. He and his "droogs"(friends) often spend a lot of time away from home and out on the streets. They go out at night and have fun which means getting into fights with other gangs, commit random acts of violence, and "in-out"(rape) women. One night, when Alex comes out of some lady's house after beating her to death with a large statue, he is beaten up and betrayed by his droogs and his left to be arrested by the police. At the jail, Alex is informed that a woman that he had performed an "in-out" on had died at the hospital from her injuries. Alex is then sent to prison. While there, he reads the bible(he only reads about the sex and violence) and dreams of getting out of prison.

He then asks a preacher about an experiment that he had heard about at Ludovico that if successful, could possibly rid him of any violent or sexual impulses he might have. Soon enough he is sent to Ludovico. There he is forced to watch undedited footage of brutal beatings, rapes, and Nazi marches all the while with good old Ludwig van Beethoven's Ninth Symphony playing in the background. Alex comes out of Ludovico a changed