"A clockwork Orange" by Anthony burgess.

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A clockwork Orange by Anthony burgess is one of the most interesting, and suspended book that I have come across in a long time. Alex, the main character is only 15 years old. That is what made his role so shocking, because of the actions he commits, such as raping and murdering, especially for a teen that young. The book genre could be categorized as horror, drama, and Sci-Fi.

It never states in the book when this story takes place, but I think the time that this takes place is in the 90s. I say this, because when they stole the car it was a 95 Durango, so I imagine it takes place some times in the mid 90's. "...but there was a newish Durango 95 that I though might do." (P.18) This quote proves that the car was made in 1995. So in this case, since the story line took place some time in the 1990's, and the story was written in the 1970's, the author meant the story to take place in the future at the time the book was written.

I believe from my own judgment, that the time taken place was when there was a lot of crime going around on the streets. It seemed like the book took place in the early or mid 1900's. "I see you have books under your arm, brother. It is indeed a rare pleasure these days to come across somebody that still reads, brother."(Page 8) This quote shows that at the time when the book took place, it was rare for a person to come across another person who was educated. People in the early time were not educated and did not go to school, but spent their time helping out their parents on farms.

The book is divided...