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Many people today when they think of cloning they think of Science and exact

copies of people or what ever is cloned. This is called twining (cloning fact sheet) and

many times is the case but, Cloning by definition is to create an organism a sexually and

people where cloning plants before they knew the scientific part about it. Now that you

know the definition you will be able to understand it better and realize cloning has been

going on a lot longer than you thought. Clones can be natural a lot of few cell and

microscopic organisms clone them self to re produce worms also will clone themselves if

cut up. It is be lived that the first animals on earth cloned them self's to stay a live.

Although natural cloning started at the beginning of the earth unnatural cloning started

somewhat long ago to. In fact the first unnatural clones where made by the ancient

Greeks. The word clone comes from there Lang wedge to. A clone came from a word for

the plant they use to clone. To day people have cloned animals like sheep. So as you can

see cloning has Scientifically come a long way.

You may be asking yourself know people may have scientifically come a long

way from before scientifically but what's it mater. Or telling your self so what if there is

a few extra sheep around. Well with Scientific advancement comes medical advancement

and maybe some day even military advancement and many other things. In the future

they hope to be able to make things like different animals or different plants using the

same technique they use to clone things. Although money may never grow on trees some

scientists think they might be able to make a plant or flower that...