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A doctor by the name of Panayiotis Zavos has admitted to attempts of cloning human embryos. His claims have caused the British scientific and political leaders and the Vatican to denounce him. Dr Zavos claimed that he has implanted a cloned embryo into a 35 year old woman's womb, but without success. He continued to say that he would try and try until he succeeded.

Cloning is making a genetic copy of an already existing organism. Dr. Zanvos reproduces humans asexually (making genetic copy of a pre-existing human). This type of cloning has not yet been accepted in the field of science. The only type of human cloning allowed is one called "therapeutic cloning" (in Australia). This is when a stem cell is extracted from a cloned embryo; mainly for research. Whilst the stem cell is being extracted, the embryo dies. Other experts claim that cloning a human embryo at this stage is very unlikely.

The structures of the chromosomes in all primates are very complicated, this includes humans.

The cloning trialled by Dr Zanvos was similar to therapeutic cloning, but instead of extracting a stem cell - he implants the embryo into a woman's womb. This is known as reproductive cloning. In 2002, reproductive cloning was voted to be banned in Australia, which is why Dr. Zanvos was denounced when he made his announcement. Previous cloning of animals has turned out disastrous. There had been many abnormalities present in the clone.

Cloning itself is a large leap in technology. It is an issue which will continue to be controversial for as long as it is around. Cloned embryos are very useful for the discovery of cures to diseases and disabilities. Another useful part of cloning is the fact that it is an exact copy of what it...