Cloning Editorial

Essay by syrj777 February 2004

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Cloning Editorial


The same procedures used to clone sheep and cattle could theoretically be used

to clone humans. A very important question in today's world is? Is cloning

right? Some people feel that cloning is very wrong and should be banned

forever. Others feel that cloning is one of mans greatest accomplishments and

should be experimented on humans. I, along with the majority on the population

feel that cloning humans is wrong and should be banned. According to a resent

poll 524 people are for human cloning and 598 of the voters are against human


People are considering the cloning of livestock. But if our cloning technology

progresses we might be seeing genetically modified livestock. But the idea of

genetically modify the cattle the and the farmer can have as many of those

perfect cows has he or she wants. Thankfully their are some technological

barriers at the moment that make mass producing clones unrealistic.

It took 277

tries just to successfully clone Dolly, the sheep that was cloned in 1997. And

even if we did have the technology it would make no sense to clone live stock.

Cloning is not cheap. I'm sure farmers have better things to spend their money

on. For whatever reason farmers feel that cloning is a good idea for their farm

they will come across a big problem. Cloning isn't exact; over generations the

clones will be riddled with genetic flaws due to errors being exemplified

through each cloning

If humans were to clone other humans would it be right? By cloning humans we

would better understand the human genome, and further understanding of our past.

Another reason for cloning humans is that their is a very long organ transplant

waiting lists and if you were to clone humans and harvest their...