Cloning, by Kevin Stanson. This essay is about why people should allow cloning. Most of it's positive aspects, a few far stretched ones. Very creative!

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Imagine a world without hunger, where wars toward peace could be fought with less emotion, imagine a world with legalized cloning. Cloning, if properly used, can be used to clone more animals and vegetables to make more food. For future attempts to gain world peace, we can create clone armies. The clones can be engineered to act directly and not question orders. They also can be genetically advanced to be stronger, quicker, and smarter than your normal soldier. If we legalize cloning, we will provide new frontiers for our scientists to explore. We will be able to learn more about our past, present, and future.

The truth is, with America around, there is just never enough food for everyone. But we can fix that, right our wrong. If we further more explore cloning, we will be able to clone food, or genetically engineer food. Make more of it, make it produce more seeds, make it decay slower, grow faster, bigger, taste better, better for you, and better looking.

Cleaner water, we could clone the bacteria that eat up toxins from out lakes and oceans! Now there's an idea, which just might rid us of world hunger!

But yeah, there are some countries, which would take all the food for them selves, just the leaders get to eat food. Well, if we create enough of it, then there will be to much food for the leaders to control. Or, if these are bad leaders, that are holding the world back from having world peace, we should get rid of them. For that, we could use a clone army. Genetically engineered clones. GNC's, for short. Now, with GNC's, we could basically scare the countries into surrendering, or if we have to, fire a few rounds. We could form one big democratic government,