Close analysis of Text Dances with Wolves directed by Kevin Costner

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'Dances with Wolves' is a movie of the journey of one man's life and dreams. In this movie the lead character ventures on an epic journey of the body and mind. He was a soldier sent to an abandoned post without any knowledge, on an intense spiritual journey. This spiritual journey did not start smoothly however; it began with a bit of friction and harsh words. But it gradually progressed, with basic communication and ceremonial dances. The movie uses several cinematography techniques to strengthen the message that is, the journey.

The purpose of this movie is mainly to entertain and make money in the box office, however I feel that there is a deeper reason for it. This movie has a strong message of journeys and change; it is a very emotional and spiritual movie. This story shows us what men are and what we would do for power, but at the same time shows us how peaceful we can be.

This movie also shows us about friendship and how friendship is something that should be valued, as John who is in solitary finds the need to have friends. This is evident with the scene where he meets the wolf (Two socks). At first he is frightened by him but then after a while is glade to have some extra company, as the loneliness was staring to get to him.

There is no one particular audience for this text as it suits different people for different reasons, but in general this text is for the general public focussing on the Americans. Key groups that this film is aimed at could include those who are lonesome and need to find new friends, the film suggests to the viewer to not be scared to make new friends. I say...