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A close reading of Of Plymouth Plantation reveals many things about the writing.

The major theme behind the writing is discovery and hardships involved with that new discovery. The story exemplifies the difficult voyage and conditions that the people had to endure. The story can be consider in the historical genre because of the fact that it describes events that happened to a group of people in the past. The writing also discusses the causes to the events that occurred in the story. It is about a group of colonists traveling to the new world. The reason that the people are on the ship is because they want a chance for a new life.

The writing is arranged in a chronological order. It begins with the voyage to the new world which is positive because it is a chance for a new life, but becomes negative when the storm hits exemplified by words like great danger, roaring breakers and storm.

Next is the arrival in a harbor followed by the hardships endured on land which are extremely negative because of disease, cold and famine which result in the death of many people. Last is a positive meeting with the Indians show by words such as good, profit, gifts and friends.

The writing is revealed to be somewhat formal, the use of long sentences shows this. Referring to the ship as she, and the detailed descriptions with words like buckling, caulk, and beam used to describe the ship itself show its formality. The way people are referred to, Captain, revered Elder and the use of Mr. also make it formal. The tone throughout the story involves the troubles of the people show by words such as, desperately, distress, hazard, loathsome and disease. Words like but and and are used at...