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Representing London Close reading :Evelina This passage focuses upon Evelina's new expereince in London. Previously, she has been looked after by Arthur Millers, her guardian. Throughout the novel she engages in a series of letters with him and tells him all that she encounters. This particular letter is written in the style of a diary and is wrtiten over a period of two days. Thus, because the text is written in first person narrative, we are more likely to trust her feelings and assume the events are accurate.

Evelina's first expereince is of the "˜St James's Park' which "˜by no means answered my expecations'. Within this text, Evelina is introduced to the high society of London through Mrs Mirvan. On first reading, one may argue that already, Evelina has taken upon her some of the attitudes that are stereo-typically characteristic of upper class of upper class women in society.

Her attitude can be seen as quite snobbish, already looking down upon various things and being very particular about things that she sees, i.e, "˜It is a long straight walk, of dirty gravel, very uneasy to the feet'. However, after further consideration, one may argue that her tone is one of genuine disappointment. Through her detailed description of the gravel, she maybe trying re-capture the moment of disappointment. From the beginning of the novel, our attention is drawn to the fact that she views London as a city of greatness and grandeaur. As an outsider to London, St james's Park must seem like a place of grandeur because of it's royal associations. However, in reality, "˜nothing is to be seen but houses built of brick' and "˜when Mrs Mirvan pointed out the Palace to me- I think I was never much more surprised.

However, she puts...