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Cloud computing can simply be defined as the mechanism of storing , accessing data and programs through the internet instead from a computer's hard drive. Some of the striking features of cloud are access to the requirements of users through the internet , agility , unlimited space etc . Public , private , hybrid , community , distributed are the models of cloud. The services offered by cloud computing can be divided into three categories

Infrastructure as a service (IAAS)

Software as a service (SAAS)

Platform as a service (PAAS)

Flaws In Cloud Computing Security:

Security and privacy are the two biggest threats as confidential data is handed over to other companies.

Incomplete deletion of data even upon the request of clients.

Security flaws may also occur due to the malicious intends of people who work for an organization.

Reliability , availability of services , costs , limited customization and issues on privacy are also a cause of concern.

Data breach is also one of the biggest loop hole which may lead to disclosure of confidential information like credit card details , social security numbers , mailing addresses and personal information.


Clients must ensure that their providers possess the functionality and governance to protect their data and programs.

This mechanism is equipped with different types of protective measures which ensure to reduce the possibility of an attack.

Encryption of data is another mechanism used for protection of data

Two-tier security layer for accessing data.

What Can Be Expected In The Future?

Centralized data is expected to be abundant in the future helping in the creation of huge database.

Mobile devices which depend up on cloud will become more advanced as all services will be web based.

Hybrid cloud can be expected to...