A cloud of flour

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Maria Alejandra Tovar Gonzalez

Erin Turner

Composition III

11 September 2014

A Cloud of Flour

Bread, cakes, pasta and cereals all of them delicious and all of them made from flour. Have you ever think about how much of what you eat is based or at least has flour? Flour is a sub estimated ingredient. Flour can transform a recipe from good to heavenly. There are thousands flours, each one from different grains or nuts. The most common ones are wheat, corn, almond, and oat.

Wheat flour is the most used flour around the world. Wheat flour has gluten, a protein that gives elasticity and tenacity to the dough. Gluten helps the process of making bread as we know it. Gluten represents a problem for some people that suffers from coeliac disease; these persons do not tolerate the protein and may have an allergic reaction. Wheat flour has large quantities of protein and carbohydrates.

This flour can be presented as bleached, unbleached, whole and refined. The most common uses are for baking industry specially bread and beer. The flavor is neutral, sometimes nutty and mild. The aroma is smooth, but with deep notes of nuts when baked. The wheat flour is widely used in different recipes like baguettes, regular cakes, and most of the breads.

Corn flour it is highly consumed and in some cultures is the base ingredient of the gastronomy. In most of the countries in South America, corn has a great space in kitchens. There are different kinds of corn, but the most used are the blue corn and yellow corn. Corn flour does not have gluten, what makes it safe for celiac. Corn flour can be found in different forms like, polenta, cooked, raw, fine or coarse (cornmeal). Corn flour is very fine. It is...