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Lizzie stared at the floor. "I don't have it," she began, "Can I submit it tomorrow?"

"NO! This is VCE now - you need to learn. If you don't hand it in on time, you fail!"

"Okay," nodded the student, as she picked up her books and started to leave the room.

"And Elizabeth," said her teacher, "Don't bother coming back to this class. You've already failed, so there's no point."

"Uh huh." Lizzie made her way out of the classroom as quickly as possible. Thank God it was lunchtime!!!

By the time Lizzie had bought her lunch and made her way to Abba, Catherine and Britt were already there ... as was somebody else.

"Hi Lizzie!" smiled Rebecca Wong. "How are you?"

Lizzie glanced at Britt, as if to ask What the hell is she going here?

"Rebecca's taken over as leader of Abba," said Britt, smiling. "We're so happy that she could find the time to come in once a week."

"Yeah," agreed Catherine. "Anyway, Britt, don't we have that ... thing on at lunchtime today?"

"Oh yeah," said Britt, nodding. "Lizzie do you have to come to that meeting - you know, the important one that's only held today lunchtime?"

Lizzie looked at Britt, confused. "Um ... yeah, I think so. Sorry we can't stay, Rebecca."

"Dat's okay," replied Rebecca.

And the three girls left.

"Oh my god!" sighed Lizzie, once they'd gotten out of there. "Today has got to be the worst day ever!!!"

"What happened?" asked Catherine.

"Mrs Moulton took over as history teacher, and failed me ... and now Rebecca's come to take over Abba. Next thing you know, they'll tell me Buffy is dead!"

"Uh, Lizzie ..." started Britt, "I hate to break it to you ... but Buffy is dead."

"Just shut...