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The music is pumping, club goers are eating, drinking, dancing and having a good time. The staff not only works hard, they interact well with the nightly club patrons. To an ordinary on looker, Club IT looks to be very successful nightspot. Despite the look of success, Club IT has some serious information management issues to address, if the club is to be a true success and have the longevity that the owners are seeking.

In order to remain competitive and increase success, Club IT must upgrade its information management capabilities to accommodate increasing e-commerce, streamlining the ordering process, and increasing the profit margin.

In addition to dancing to the latest grooves, Club IT customers are also serious techies. At any given moment a Club IT patron can be seen using the latest mobile technology for everything from chit chatting to online shopping. "The Internet has created an entirely new global channel for marketing from business-to-business and business-to-consumer.

It also has dramatically increased the amount of information available to customers, who can now compare prices quickly and thoroughly. As a result, shoppers have become more knowledgeable and sophisticated. In turn, marketing managers must work harder to acquire and retain customers. To accomplish this goal, they now use customer relationship management software" (Rainer and Turban, 2008, pp 50).

Club IT will greatly benefit from the use of an enterprise resource planning system as ERP systems are designed to correct the lack of communication between functional area ISs (Rainer and Turban, 2008, pp 33). By installing an ERP system Club IT will be able to enhance communications between functional areas of the club through the use of a common database. This enhanced communication will positively impact every aspect of the club from increased clientele to order processing.

The implementation of supply chain...