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Club to Catwalk: critical analysis

During the whole period of human existence, not a single thing was changed as much as fashion. One might even say it was too pretentious and for its sake people first created and then wore the most unbelievable and incredible costumes, rose above all on high platforms and adorned everything with amazing hairstyles ... only for fashion's sake! As the saying goes "Always dress to impress, so that others would think you're also in the trend. The main peculiarities of the '80s fashion were the unique ideas of the designers. The words "NO", NOT RIGHT" simply did not exist, as everything made people gasp and take after the new trends that alighted the life of the British capitol.

Some people think that during the last few years, fashion did not introduce anything brand new. Everything was well known and even predicted from year to year.

People are now wondering whether this is the end of fashion as we know it, and will the pacemakers of fashion turn their attention to the long past trends of the former decades in order to get more ideas and inspiration.

London Fashion of the '80s is the topic that has come to the mind of Claire Wilcox, V&A's curator of the most vibrant and vivid exhibition in the past years - "Club to Catwalk. London Fashion of the '80s". One of the co-curators describes this exhibition as a showplace of the 'timely creative period that by many was unappraised and misunderstood' ('Club to Catwalk: About the Exhibition', 2013).

Looking upon the subject at first glance a question arises as to why this exhibition is held now. However, Claire Wilcox answers herself, as she did in an interview to the Grazia Daily...