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Nestle is the world's leading health, nutrition and wellness company and become to the world's largest food and beverage business now.

Nestle was founded in 1866 and is headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland, the company operates 449 factories around the world. The company has been available since the 1880s and by 1906 Australia had become Nestlé's second largest export market.

Nestle is always one of the favorite brand of many Australian people. Nestle has a range of quality products including chocolate & confectionary, ice cream, coffee, baby food, dairy, sauces, drinks, healthcare nutrition and others.

Nestle has its own production plans around the world to ensure the growth of the organization and become multinational. The five factors includes: the availability of raw material, economic climate, Cost factor, and consumer tastes and consumer purchasing power.

Situation analysis

The internal environment

Brand performance

Nestle is a big player in the chocolate market that has unlimited distribution channel.

This explains the lack of and unlimited shelf space in the larger retail outlets. For instance, Nestle has presence in the most of the shops, no matter its big or small. "The industry sources estimate that world chocolate and confectionery consumption increased by around 2.5% per year in 2000, with growth in mature markets forecast at 1.5% and emerging markets at a healthy 4%" (Linda,1997).

Chocolate and confectionery account for 15% (Linda, 1997) of Nestle sales in global market. Key brands in the Nestle stable include different types of chocolate such as club chocolate, Rolo, Aero and Kit Kat.

Nestle also improve their performance by getting the survey from their customers.


The brand-product is positioned to be an inexpensive alternative to the home-brands and other smaller manufactures. But with high quality high rate of turnover which explains why it is dwarfed by Coles homemade...